Which Is Best? Private Jet Charter vs. First Class Airline Travel

Private Jet Charter vs. First Class


A recent headline from the UK newspaper The Daily Mail proclaims: "Private Jets Are The New First Class”. The article confirms what many of us have already discovered: that in many cases, chartering a jet can be more cost-effective than flying by business class on a commercial airline. Private aviation is more accessible than ever. Explore the many advantages of chartering a private jet for your travel needs, whether for business or pleasure!


Why Charter a Private Jet?


You know the drill. Even though business class seating is vastly superior to travelling economy, the hassles of airline flying can eat up much of your day. First, you are at the mercy of the airline’s schedule; if the plane doesn’t leave early enough, you can find yourself spending the whole day in transit. If there are no direct flights available, you may have a long, inconvenient layover in an airport. If the airport is a long way from your ultimate destination, you may face a long ground commute after landing. And the security measures surrounding airline flights can mean arriving hours early in order to stand in lineups. Even when you’re in the air, business class seating may not be relaxing, or conducive to working. The seatmate with the hacking cough, the parade of people down the aisle to the bathroom, the crying baby a few rows back…all of these can be distracting. Considering how much a business class ticket can cost, the advantages gained may not be worth it.


Contrast this scenario with the customized convenience of travelling by chartered jet. First, a charter operates on your schedule. And if you find that you need more time, or an earlier return, flight plans can be changed quickly and easily. In fact, flight plans can often be altered in the air, if necessary. The charter’s flight plan not only adheres to your schedule, but it’s designed to get you where you want to go as quickly as possible.


Because commercial airlines use only larger airports, options are limited. Private jets are able to land at smaller facilities, meaning that you may be able to get a lot closer to your ultimate destination.


Security for charter flights is much less stringent, and you will have fewer restrictions regarding what you may take aboard, including liquids, sporting goods, and pets.


Best of all, your time in the air is private, luxurious, and designed for maximum productivity. You’ll have access to Wi-Fi, telephone connections, worktables, and other office amenities, and be freer to move around the cabin. Depending on the type of jet chartered, it may offer much greater "elbow room” to work. And if your trip is for pleasure, you can get the party started early, with personalized food, beverages, and entertainment!


Choosing the Right Charter Company


Look for a charter company that offers a number of different jet options, and that has a great safety record. Choose one that has access to a large number of airports, and that includes flights with all of the amenities you need. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover that the ultimate comfort, convenience, and luxury of chartering a private jet is both efficient, affordable and in many ways, preferable to first class!